This website started its journey almost 10 years back as a repository of materials that I used to prepare for my FRCPath examination. That purpose is not there anymore. However, if you are preparing for this particular examination you may have realised that there is not enough guidance on the web to help you prepare. So now our purpose is to help the trainees to prepare. 

Welcome to the microregistrar.com

Tips and guidance

This is a good place to start. Please go through these tips to get an idea of the examination and how to start preparing.

These are some community groups you can join. If you run a community/ group/ forum for FRCPath microbiology, please let me know.

What books you should read?

There are very few books written specifically for this examination. 

However, you can find a list of books that I and many other trainees used before and after me.


RCPath does not allow storing past papers.

I have added questions, which are similar to what you expect in the examination.

You will find:
A list of essay question,


Curriculum mapped resource collection

You will find a list of resources mapped to the curriculum. This is a section which is being built at present.

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