Posts on topics like microbiology, infection, antimicrobials, infection control. 

These are from topics I read or my presentations.

Leptospira presentation

Leptospira presentation

Albert Weil described the multisystem disease in 1886. It was called infectious jaundice and often confused with diseases like yellow fever.  First isolated from an autopsy specimen - the patient was suspected of having yellow fever.Many scientists, like stokes...

A set of 30 MCQ in Kahoot

Here is a set of 30 MCQ posted in our facebook group - you can try them in Kahoot.

Course for FRCPath Microbiology

The RCPath International Trainee Support Scheme - is a good opportunity for international students to get help for the examination.

How effective was the influenza vaccine this year?

Flu season is not over yet but we have already started wondering about the efficacy of the most effective weapon against influenza this season (2018-19). Before we look into the efficacy, a few words about flu and flu vaccine. Skip next 3 blocks if you want to go the...

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