If you are preparing for FRCPath Microbiology

I get asked frequently what resources do we have to prepare for the examination. Here I have listed some useful information and links that you may want to explore. This list is not a complete list and there are many wonderful resources out there which can help you prepare for the examination. If you find this list useful – please leave a comment. If you know of any other resource that has helped you or you find useful please let me know.

For non-UK trainees/ International graduates (IG), my advise is that please remember this is a UK examination. Hence, you need to know what a UK trainee expected to know and what are the issues we face in the NHS. Your microbiology knowledge is adequate if you have already done post-graduation, but you need to adapt revise those issues more which are common in the UK. For example, you do not need a lot of parasitology, but need to know about infection control. read more