Essay type question/ Long question

  1. Provide a plan for your trust board how to effectively manage the winter pressure for the next year. Your role is mainly to draft a policy outlining the management of the anticipated norovirus and flu outbreak, but you have to take a more holistic view of other trust services as well.
  2. There is a plan for consolidation of pathology services in your region. Your hospital might lose its laboratory in the consolidation process. Please write a report to the trust board explaining its impact on the service you are providing to your users.
  3. Your hospital had a large number of C difficile cases last year. Please write a report on your plan for the next year. How you are planning to reduce the C difficile rate?
  4. You have been asked to provide ideas for a cost improvement program for Microbiology-virology. Please write a report to trust board how you are going to provide a lean cost-effective service without affecting the patient care.
  5. You have been approached to provide a result only service. Please write a report to the users about its merits/demerits.
  6. You have been notified of an error in the processing of genitourinary medicine specimen over a week. The internal quality control was not properly monitored and it failed several occasion. A very junior member of staff was involved in the monitoring of the process, who failed to recognise and report the problem. How are you going to investigate? Write a report for the board and a report to the users. What steps are you going to take to assure the users?
  7. Your surveillance has shown an increase in the number of VRE cases in the renal unit. Write a letter to the renal consultants about the issue and any action that you might want to take. Explain about VRE and its implication.
  8. Your laboratory needs a system of screening for carbapenemase-producing organisms. Discuss various options – their advantage and disadvantages.
  9. A GP surgery in your area has failed to meet the antibiotic prescribing reduction criteria (QP). They have asked you to deliver a lecture on how they can improve antibiotic prescribing. Describe the points that you are going to discuss.
  10. Draft a 3-year antimicrobial stewardship strategy and action plan for your region – aiming towards community practice mainly.
  11. You have been asked to consider a proposal for providing more active support to the community/GP practice as a microbiologist. At present, you only offer telephone based advice to the GPs and community practitioners (Like multiple sclerosis nurse). Suggest a plan – how a community-based microbiologist improves the service. Will it be a cost-effective model? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a practice model.
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