Examples of Virology questions

  1. Management of a child found with scratch marks on his face in the morning. A bat was found in the same room in the morning. What should be the management?
  2. A lady had a normal delivery. Some herpetic lesions were noted in the perineal region during delivery. What would you advice to the clinicians regarding the management of mother and baby?
  3. 16 weeks pregnant school teacher had contact with a boy in her class with suspected Parvovirus B19 infection. What would you advice to the clinicians?
  4. 20 weeks pregnant lady had a tick bite. The GP is asking you for advice.
  5. 28 weeks Pregnant lady had contact with chickenpox. What would you advise the clinicians? What additional information would you need to make a decision?
    If this lady was 39 weeks pregnant with an imminent delivery, what should be the management?
  6. 39 weeks pregnant lady with chicken pox presented to the labour ward and she was in a bay with three other patients before the clinical team came to know about chickenpox. The consultant contacted you for advice immediately. What advice would you give?
  7. A baby born of hepatitis B positive mother (serological status unknown). Describe the tests you would do and management.
  8. A renal transplant patient presented to the A&E with deteriorating renal function? What are the possibilities? What serology/molecular test you would consider? What should be the management?
  9. A pregnant lady presented to the midwife. Her son developed a rash the day before. What information would you ask for? What tests would you do? What advice would you give?
  10. Your laboratory informed you that there is no booking blood, what changes would you make in your management plan?
  11. A young boy presented to the A&E after having a needlestick injury from a discarded needle in a playground. This playground is in an area known to have problems with IV drug abusers. What should be your advice?
  12. A nurse presented with a needlestick injury. The source is an IV drug abuser, who refused test for blood borne virus. What advice would you give?
  13. A patient presented after a pub brawl. He suffered from a human bite on his face. What advice would you give?
  14. You have received a call from a doctor in accident and emergency. She has a patient, brought in by police, with a history of sexual assault. What advice would you give? What tests would be required? What precaution should be taken when a specimen being taken and being transferred to the laboratory and after that.
  15. How would you do the work up for renal transplant?
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