Managing outbreak

Managing an outbreak is in the curriculum.

Any microbiologist practising in the NHS needs to know how to manage an outbreak. Influenza and norovirus outbreaks are frequent in winter months. We also get to see outbreaks of C difficile, multiresistant Pseudomonas, Legionella (rare, of course!), Campylobacter, pertussis – to name a few. read more

How effective was the influenza vaccine this year?

Flu season is not over yet but we have already started wondering about the efficacy of the most effective weapon against influenza this season (2018-19).

Before we look into the efficacy, a few words about flu and flu vaccine. Skip next 3 blocks if you want to go the efficacy directly. read more

How much time should you give yourself to prepare?

It is difficult to say how long you need as it very much depends upon you –
your method and speed of study,
whether you are working while preparing for the examination (Non-UK trainees; UK trainees – tough, you will be always working while preparing),
whether you are trained in the UK or familiar with the UK system etc.

For UK trainees – I would suggest you discuss with your educational supervisor. He is the best person to advise you if you are ready. I would consider giving myself at least six months. read more