4. MCQ for Part 1 – Clinical scenario

A 8 year-old boy from the travelling community has presented to the paediatric emergency with 5 days history of fever, malaise, headache, anorexia and earache (since yesterday). On examination the left parotid gland appears swollen. His immunisation history is...

Question for FRCPath

Interpret this resultHBsAg -veAnti-HBc (total) +veAnti-HBc IgM +veHBsAb -veHBeAg-veHBeAb -vePatient is being investigated for fulminant hepatitis. See the answer here

3. MCQ for Part 1

Which of these bacteria is not inherently resistant to carbapenems? See here – https://microregistrar.com/forum/topic/which-of-these-bacteria-is-not-inherently-resistant-to-carbapenems/

2. MCQ for part 1

Drug of choice for Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in a HIV non-infected patient: Check here – https://microregistrar.com/forum/topic/drug-of-choice-for-pneumocystis-jiroveci-pneumonia-in-a-hiv-non-infected-patient/