Commonly asked questions about FRCPath Microbiology

Here are some topics that I get asked frequently. Many of these questions are answered in the RCPath website - please read this first -RCPath FAQ for the examination .

Please note I am neither involved in the examination process nor hold any position in RCPath. These answers are from my own experience.
How much time you should give yourself to prepare?

It is difficult to say how long you need as it very much depend upon the you – your method and speed of study, whether you are preparing while working or not, whether you are trained in the UK or familiar with UK system etc.

For UK trainees – I would suggest you discuss with your educational supervisor. He is the best person to advise you if you are ready.

For International trainees – if you have already done post-grad, probably you have enough knowledge of Microbiology. However, you need to get used to or learn the UK system. You might need 6 months least, if not a year, to prepare for either part of FRCPath.

Collect your materials first, then assess how much time you might need to cover that.

Is there any syllabus/curriculum?

RCPath provides the trainees with the curriculum.

Is there any MCQ book/Question bank available for the examination.

I have not seen any book specifically written for FRCPath examination. The questions are often based on clinical scenario. So if you find similar questions in any book (USMLE prep), please use that.  RCPath provided us with some sample papers.

You should also speak to the trainees who has recently appeared in the examination for guidance.

My understanding is that the FRCPath part 1 looks for a breadth of knowledge rather than depth. For Part 2, however you need an extensive knowledge of all aspects of microbiology and infection (and also areas like infection control, decontamination etc.) as you will be expected to work unsupervised as a consultant soon.

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  1. good morning…thank you for enormous support and help in RCPath…I am asking if you have any advice for first part RCPath

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