Dear users,

I am sorry that I had to take the website off for some time. It was due to a corruption in the database which I couldn’t repair.

However, it has given me the opportunity to rebuild the website and hopefully, we will be able to look at the new format of FRCPath examination. I would say that my perspective of the FRCPath examination has changed since I first made this website back in 2012 in Weebly as a microbiology trainee. I have started forgetting the hardship of preparing for part 2, which I sat in 2013. However, I have gained few more years of experience by practising microbiology in the UK.

I would request to all the users please provide feedback, which will help other trainees. If you have recently sat the exam and want to share your experience, please let me know.

Please note: RCPath doesn’t allow storing any examination question in any media. Hence, we will not publish any past papers.


All the material published here will be also available in Steemit


All the content on this website is free. You do not need to become a member.